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Multiple Offers

We have the network to bring multiple buyers to the table if required. 🚀

Issues Handled

We handle any issue that may come up with title or unforeseen liens. 🏚

Turn-Key Deal Marketing

Let us handle the marketing for the deals you lock up 🔒so you have the time to go find the next one and build your pipeline. 💰

If our buyers don’t buy

Wait, our buyers always buy 😉 💵. We can leverage our network to always close the deal.

Why Dispo Near You? Why Not Assign It Yourself?


Dispo Near You was launched with Wholesalers in mind. After years of helping investors with marketing, wholesaling properties ourselves, building up relationships with powerful investors, and scaling our brand, we decided to offer a helping hand to fellow wholesalers in the industry.

Using our wide-ranging network of real estate investors, national resources, skills and knowledge of real estate disposition, we have been able to get our clients significant profit and have managed a quick turnaround.


Our Promise

Here at Dispo Near You we promise to always treat each and every deal we receive as if it were our very own. We will always put forth the same effort and due diligence for every opportunity. When we work together you become a true partner and we want everyone involved  to be satisfied with the result of the  Let’s close some deals!

Our Key To Success 🔑


The key to our success with our clients is that we handle each property as if it were one of our own properties. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry; our team is equipped to attend to every detail for the successful real estate disposition.

Who Do We Work With?

For New Wholesalers, getting started can be the hardest part. We can work with you 1 on 1. From how to prospect, negotiating the deal, and the getting the contract closed. Our Dispo Near You Agents can help you move your deal in a flash.⚡️

For the Established Wholesaler our large buyers network is willing and ready to buy your deal. We give your property our signature Red Carpet Treatment.We handle the buyers and you get the cash💰. We work with all issues with title for worry-free closing. It’s a true submit-it and forget-it program.

It’s entirely up to you on how involved you would like to be, follow us through every step of the process, or sit back, relax, and allow us to dispo your deal hands free! 🙌

How It Works

Send Us Your Deal


Simply fill out our dispo form with as much information as possible so we can review and reach out to discuss. We will start formulating a marketing plan for potential buyers, so we can hit the ground running when ready.

Allow Us To Analyze and Market


Once you’ve submitted your form, we will analyze your deal, schedule a time to chat, (if we agree) send you a contract, and begin marketing your deal across our many platforms and buyers network.

Collect Your Money


Simply wait, sit back, and watch as we dispo your deal Near You! As your deal is in underwriting, you can relax knowing that our team will keep you updated during the entire process. Our goal is to get the funds in your hands as soon as possible.

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Check Out The Property Types We Prefer Here

Single Family HomesMulti-FamilyVacant LandMobile HomesCommercial Units

Check Out The Property Types We Prefer Here

Single Family HomesMulti-FamilyVacant LandMobile HomesCommercial Units

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Great benefits from Dispo Near You.

  • Guaranteed Offers! When we say it sold, it’s sold.

  • Multiple Offers. We always get the top dollar for your deal.

  • Turn-Key Deal Marketing. We know what works and how to dispo a property quick! ⚡️

  • High Conversion Rate. Because our network is so large we can always find a buyer or solution for your deal.

  • We Get Paid Only If You Get Paid. You don’t need to pay upfront, we charge when we get your deal closed. We are your real estate dispo partner.

  • We Care About Your Privacy. We respect your privacy and do NOT use this information for any purpose other than to contact you directly to ask further questions about your deal and keep you updated during the real estate disposition process.

The Risk With Trying To Dispo It Yourself / With Another Dispo Company.

  • Uncertainty. When trying to dispo a property yourself you run the risk of running out of time or upsetting the seller if you dont have a big enough buyers list to dispo the property quick.

  • No Bidding. When your just starting out you wont have that large of a network. This can potentially cause you to get less for your deals.

  • Stick To Wholesaling. Its already tough enough locking down a contract. Dont wast time, money and energy trying to learn and market your deals alone.

  • Low Conversion. Don’t risk losing out on a hard fought deal because you don’t have the reach yet to dispo it for the price you desire.

  • Missing Money. There’s a lot that goes into closing and the final documents. Don’t miss out on money from a deal because of a lack of experience.

Need More Motivated Seller Leads For Your Real Estate Investing Business?

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Leads Near You


In every type of real estate investing business, there is a person or department responsible for finding buyers and overseeing the disposition (or sale) of properties.

The process of selling real estate involves several steps:

  1. Marketing the property for sale.
  2. Generating and maintaining a buyer’s list.
  3. Processing buyer leads.
  4. Facilitating the closing.

We are in the business of building connections and making long lasting partnerships. Thats why we have such strong relationships and  a large buyers network. Your deal is your deal…We are simply here to help you get rid of your deal when you are ready or when you have no other options to turn to. The contract is in your name / your companies name and that makes it a legally binding contract and we have no authority in the deal. So you are SAFE and we want you to feel comfortable always 🙌

There’s no upfront cost to use our services. We only get paid once we Dispo Your Deal Near You and get you top dollar for your contracted property.

This varies property to property and deal to deal. We always aim to Dispo Your Deal Near You as quick as we can and we utilize our entire real estate network to do so. We will keep you updated a long the way so you always have a clear timeline and you stay informed on your deals progress.

Dispo Near You works with both New and Experienced wholesalers / investors. We are here to help and we are always up for a good Real Estate conversation. If you have a deal and you NEED help with the dispo then we are here for you and we will do all that we can to make it a smooth and easy transaction for both sides….But most of all we will get you Paid!

Once you submit your property an acquisition specialist will review your details and reach out to schedule a time to connect. Once we chat and discuss the deal details if we agree and come to terms we will send out a contract for the dispo. Once the contract is returned we will immediately begin marketing your deal to our buyer list to get it sold. Sometimes it can happen in as little as a few days…So you just sit back and relax as we keep you informed along the way and we Dispo Your Deal Near You.

Once the transaction is completed you will receive your funds within 24hrs per the contracted agreement amount.

Nope! There’s no obligation for us to review your deal to see if we are a good fit. So what do you have to lose? Worse case we make you some💰!

Here at Dispo Near You we work based off trust and commitment. Because of this we will never directly contact your seller. If there is ever any communication needed you will be involved or would have given the OK prior to the discussion. Typically we will never have to make contact unless its a special scenario or deal.

Check out The Properties We Are Interested In Below:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Office Buildings or Commercial Units
  • Mobile Home Units or Mobile Home Parks
  • Vacant Land

At Dispo Near You, we have been wholesaling in Phoenix and surrounding Arizona markets since 2018. We have an extensive tiered buyers list and all the connections to make your deal disappear. We have perfected the art of closing deals that are under contract down to a science. Rest assured we will find the perfect buyer for your property. Our closing success rate is second-to-none!