At Dispo Near You, we have been wholesaling in Phoenix and surrounding Arizona markets since 2018. We have an extensive tiered buyers list and all the connections to make your deal disappear. We have perfected the art of closing deals that are under contract down to a science. Rest assured we will find the perfect buyer for your property. Our closing success rate is second-to-none!

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Yes, we are located in Arizona but we can help you wherever you are in one of our active locations. Real Estate never sleeps and neither do we. We make ourselves available 7 days a week to make sure you get the top notch services you’ve come to count on. Schedule an appointment for an over the phone consultation or submit your deal today.

Wholesaling is Hard! We get it, we‘ve helped hundreds of wholesalers dispo their deals…

The secret ingredient to a successful wholesale career is your wholesale buyers list. Wholesaling is a two-part equation; first we need to find and secure a property under market value, then we have to find an end buyer, or ‘wholesale’ buyer. Waiting until you have a property under contract to build your buyer’s list is a disaster waiting to happen! You will accumulate costs and penalties and mistrust with the people in the process and may risk losing the deal altogether. On the other hand, having an extensive list of prospects at your disposal will legitimately increase your chances of executing timely and profitable transactions, all while becoming a respected and trusted real estate professional who others can count on to close!

So, you have the property under a real estate wholesale contract, you’ve paid your earnest deposit (maybe), and now it’s time to assign the contract to a buyer. Who do you go to?

Dispo Near You, that’s who!